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Friday, January 4th, 2019

The Why - 2019 - OrderNaryLife.ca

Hi. How’s it going?

Oh me? Not bad, not bad.

What’s that you say…? Three years… that can’t be right…

(flips page)

(mumbles incoherently)


Well, let’s get back on track, shall we?

2019, where’d you come from?

When I started this blog in 2016, I had a vague notion of what I wanted to do. That fell to the wayside when I became pregnant for the second time.

That’s right, I now have two munchkins, but that’s now…

So it’s 2016 and I’m working 40-plus hours a week, trying to feed my growing family healthy, home-cooked meals. And volunteer. And keep a blog. And deal with morning sickness.

Stressing out about one little munchkin under foot, and another in the oven… Something had to give and, sad to say, it was my blog-a-doo.

But no longer!

You see, I’ve had a bit of time since then to think through this whole “blog” thing, to reflect on why I put so much work into what was ostensibly a leisure activity. I’ve been reflecting on what I was doing and why I felt the need to write about family and food and all that jazz.

I’ve determined what it was that I hadn’t realized before. To sustain any project long-term, I need a good reason. I need to find “The Why”.

After almost three years away, I’m finding the desire and energy to continue. Before I can be successful, though, I need to understand my “why” so when things get hard (and with two growing girls, “hard” comes in crushing waves of insanity, to be sure), I can remember why I’m taking time, energy, and mental real estate to put “e”-pen to keyboard.

Much like another blogging family whose work I admire (when you’re done here, consider going to check them out…) if I’m going to put in the work, I need a darn good reason.

Enter “The Why”.

Initially, I had a nebulous notion (like my alliteration there?) of “keeping track of family recipes”, but I wanted this space to be more than that.

I mean, I’m not a chef, so I can’t expect my own self to come up with super-duper-famous recipes that take the world by storm.

I don’t have a dozen staff (or bots) scraping recipes from the internet 24/7 and pumping out whatever I think “the algorithm” will want today, and I’m not just looking for “clicks” (but those are nice), so I can’t make my “why” be about making sure I have “all the content”.

So my why? It’s a tripod:

1 – My family

It may be somewhat hokey, but: my family really is the center of my world. I push myself hard at work and in life because they deserve the best I can provide, whether that’s a few extra sprinkles on the proverbial cake, or a standing firm against the maelström that is Temper-Tantrum.

So why is my family a motivation for me to push forward when a storm’s a-brewin’? Because by keeping track of our family journey (food being a prominent part of that), I have something to look to other than the “here and now”. This place offers a “snapshot”, if you will, of what things were like “back in the olden days of 2019”.

2 – Myself

I’m an introvert by nature and, frankly, writing is the best way I know to compose my thoughts. Even if all my words don’t make it to the web, the whole process is valuable to me.

Plus, even when I don’t realize it, writing makes me a better-tempered parent, and a more well-rounded human person. Sometimes, you have to be selfish.

And Human.

3 – My community

I’m not alone. I’m surrounded by a wonderful support network of friends and family, which I’d like to grow as my family needs change.

By thinking of my community, I can use that as a bit of a helping hand when my kids are stinky and I’m petulant about self care.

Now that I have “the why”, how ’bout that “what”?

Simply put, I’m looking to document the things that makes my family tick, what make us “us”.

So what does that mean for 2019?

Similar to before, I intend to keep a regular update schedule. But unlike before, I won’t be holding myself to an impossible (for now) standard of three posts a week.

I’m aiming for two posts a week – Mondays something food-related, and Fridays something… else. That’s not me being cagey, I simply don’t know what Fridays are going to be like until the day. What I can say is that you can look forward to everything from random parenting reflections to colouring sheets to Girl Guide, er… guides. I’ve been known to experiment and for now I’ll let the “why” keep me moving forward, and the “what” will get filled in as I go.

Like I said before, though, I’m not going to hold my feet to the fire. Life happens, and I gotta go with the flow. That may mean a missed post here or there, but rest assured, it’s for a good reason!

Now, before I go, here’s a twist on an old adage (yes, the puns are mighty here today):

Where there’s a why, there’s a way.


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