Girl Guide Cookies

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

It’s spring, which means it’s time for those classic Chocolate and Vanilla wafers of joy, Girl Guide Cookies.

No, don’t roll your eyes at me…

…please don’t roll your eyes at me?

I know, I know, “yet another fundraiser”, but before you dismiss me out of hand as being part of the cookie mafia, let me tell you a little about why this twice-yearly fundraiser is so important…

Because… Reasons!

Community-building through a shared experience


Selling cookies is about more than just getting the dollars in the door. It’s also about encouraging Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers to contribute to their Guiding community. By having this shared activity, something that each Girl Guide can participate in across the country, it means that no matter where they’re from, these girls have something in common.

And what better way is there to get to know your fellow Guides than by talking about cookies? Preferably over a campfire!

Nurturing Responsibility

Responsibility is something that grows from experience. As adult Guiders, we give Guides the opportunity to achieve a clear goal and we rely on them to contribute to their Guiding community.

The benefit is tangible (funds for the unit and greater organization), and the experience of being responsible for that positive impact is so very valuable.

By giving back something meaningful to their community, Guides can be proud of their actions. They can continue forward knowing they’re a contributing member of that community.

…assuming, of course, their parents don’t sell their cookies for them.

Because that doesn’t happen, right? (Yes, I’m talking to you, Guide parents…).

As a non-profit, all of the “profits” go right back into Girl Guides programming

At the unit level (where the girls actually meet), we keep a fair portion of the funds raised to put it right into our unit’s activities. Camp gear, craft supplies, the cost of outings, most of it is covered by cookie money.

Beyond the unit, there are also funds that go toward the district, area, provincial, and national regions. Each region provides valuable support for the unit, making sure this volunteer-run organization can continue to offer programming that’s meaningful for each of the girls.

Extra funds help support those who can’t afford it

Not everyone can afford camp expenses. Fundraising by selling cookies helps support those in our community who might otherwise be left behind. Girl Guides is about inclusion, so this is a great way to ensure no one is excluded based on income.

How you can help

The next time a Girl Guide (or Spark, Brownie, Pathfinder or Ranger) show up on your doorstep, consider buying a box of cookies. It’ll help our future leaders grow more independent and confident.

You can also find out more about the Girl Guide Cookies program from the official Girl Guides of Canada website.

You know what else? Cookies are pretty tasty. They just might be the best five bucks you’ll spend all week!


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